Nammal Namukkāyi

About the Programme

Untold lives and livelihoods were washed away in the floods of 2018, which was a centurion event. But, the reoccurrence of the 2019 floods reminded us of the fact that flooding is an annual event in the State and immediate to long term interventions are required to limit exposure to future events.

In response to the 2018 floods, the Government of Kerala initiated the Rebuild Kerala Development Programme (RKDP) under the Rebuild Kerala Initiative (RKI), which focuses on building a ‘Resilient Kerala’ by supporting key sectoral departments of the government align their development and planning process to a collective objective of building a more resilient state.

The reoccurring floods of 2019 provided the State with a window of opportunity to reflect on its approach towards rebuilding resilience against hazards. It was realized that the rebuilding efforts shall remain incomplete without the involvement of the community that faces the brunt of these disasters year after year.

Thus, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala, Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan desires to make the resilient rebuilding process an inclusive programme with greater participation from the community in the planning and rebuilding process.

Under the leadership of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, the Rebuild Kerala Initiative intends to make every citizen of the State part of the rebuilding process. In order to do so, the Government of Kerala is more than pleased to announce the "Nammal Namukkāyi” programme for rebuilding a resilient State with a citizen-centric approach.

The People’s Connect Programme will attempt to reach out to all the citizens of the State within and outside the country to be able to participate and voice their opinion on subject matters that affect their lives and livelihoods.

The "Nammal Namukkāyi” programme is a three-phase process aimed towards making a shift in the policy paradigm of the State. The three phases of the programme are listed below:

  1. Extensive Stakeholder Consultation
  2. International Seminar
  3. Policy Proposals for the Cabinet

The programme will engage with different categories of stakeholders using different platforms and media seeking their views and opinions on key focus areas. These focus areas have been categorized into five broad themes, as shown below:

  1. Land Management
  2. Water Management
  3. Forest Management
  4. Community & Resilience
  5. Transport Communications & Technology

Based on the inputs gathered on the above listed thematic areas through different media from a wide range of stakeholders, a thematic committee shall develop papers, which shall then be presented in an international seminar, to be held in Kerala. The international experts shall enhance the collective knowledge of the people with their technical expertise. A final policy roadmap shall be prepared for each of the thematic areas.

In the final phase of the programme, pragmatic policy proposals shall be drafted from the overall findings of the programme, which would then be put up to the Government for its approval.

How to Participate?

Voice your opinion on subject matters that affect your lives and livelihoods

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